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August 2013

58% of UK adults don’t have a will

Over 28 million of the UK adult population (58%) are currently without a will Yet one in ten UK adults without a will believe their estate will go to the right people automatically Nearly a third (32%) of over 55s do not have a will in place, while 64% of those aged 35 to 54 have not yet written a will 42% of UK adults have not thought about the …Read More

Retirement planning

Planning where your regular income is going to come from in retirement will give you peace of mind and leave you prepared to retire from working life whether that’s in 35 years time or just 10! According to the UK office of National Statistics more than 95,000 people aged 65 in 2012 are expected to celebrate their 100th birthday in 2047. Statistically therefore we are now living longer, which of course …Read More

New proposed childcare vouchers

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was challenged over the new scheme during one of his radio phone ins. The government are proposing that, from 2015, parents will be able to use an online voucher system, which will mean up to a fifth of childcare costs are paid for by the state. This will be up to a value of £1,200 per year per child. Initially parents of children under the age of …Read More