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October 2013

Who needs Life Insurance?

The idea of life insurance goes back to at least as far as the ancient Romans. You may never live to enjoy the benefits (unless you opt for a policy with a savings element) but for those you leave behind the financial security is essential. So why are as many as 30% of Britons not using life insurance to protect their loved ones? People give plenty of reasons why they don’t need, or can’t afford life insurance. …Read More

Charity Launch Party

Charity Launch Party – Sterling North would like to thank everyone that turned up for the charity launch party in Denham on the 26th. We managed to raise £350 for Child bereavement UK so a big thank you to everyone. As you know this is a charity that is close to Nicola’s heart, and hopefully Sterling North will continue to support this worthwhile charity for some time to come. The …Read More