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November 2013

Inheritance tax

Inheritance tax – once known as Estate Duty  used to be something that only troubled the seriously rich. Now, with house prices rising in line with a recovering economy, many more people are starting to find that the taxman will take a share of their legacy before their loved ones. But there are steps you can take to help ensure your wealth goes where you want. The Inheritance tax (IHT) net is catching out more and more people, …Read More

Who cares?

Nursing care- We are all living longer. According to current research, 50% of babies born now could live to see the grand age of 100. Unfortunately, longer life does not always mean longer independent living. More of us could need to fund long term care, for ourselves, parents or spouses. Nursing care may be free under the NHS – but social care, the provision of homes for old people who are frail or no longer capable of …Read More


Auto-enrolment Planning is key to successful auto-enrolment for SMEs A year has passed since the first of the larger employers started to auto-enrol employees into a workplace pension scheme and, according to DWP, it’s been more successful than expected. Their research estimates that over 90% of people who have been placed into a workplace pension by their employer are staying in. Previous DWP research had shown a likely opt-out rate …Read More

Mortgage Updates

Mortgage Updates – The housing market seems to be on the road to recovery, with greater consumer confidence helping push up turnover and prices. This is excellent news for anyone on the housing ladder and, with more mortgages around, first time buyers can celebrate too. In a fast-moving marketplace, expert help with finding the right mortgage is crucial. The UK housing market, in the doldrums during the recession, is on the rise again. Key sources disagree on the exact figures; the …Read More