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I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you help with our investments. In particular over the last 18 months your help has enabled us to Achieve our ambitions of a world trip, move to Cyprus and renovation of our French property. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone, and for for you to show this to prospective clients. I look forward to many more years of using your services.

Tim Wood, Retired

Nicola's sound advice and easy explanation of financial jargon made choosing the right pension scheme for me a simple process.

Sarah Barrett

Nicola Mayers has provided financial advice for me and members of my family for a number of years. We have generally taken her advice and have no regrets about doing so. She is very straight forward to deal with, and both patient and understanding when explaining the issues involved in financial planning. Her unassuming manner and impartiality makes discussing difficult financial issues a comfortable and enjoyable experience. She takes pains to research your personal circumstances and financial objectives before making recommendations, which are always backed-up in writing. There is no pressure applied, and plenty of time allowed to digest, check and generally mull over the advice provided. Nicola is readily accessible, always returns communications quickly, and is very flexible when arranging face to face meetings. She is generous with her time, and takes the trouble to deal with investments already in place as well as the new ones she introduces.

Ian Wood, Retired

Nicola's straight talking made the daunting task of sorting out my pension a pleasure rather than the chore I imagined it to be! Nicola explains everything in clear, simple terms and does not try to baffle you with jargon. I was pleased to discover that I actually understood what Nicola was telling me, my eyes didn't glaze over and for once! I am looking forward to keeping up to date with my pension's progress thanks to Nicola's quarterly reviews. I have complete faith in Nicola's ability to help me and my family to plan for our future.

Laura Croker, VA Solutions

Nicola looked into changing my personal pension and made it all seem so easy with her cheerful uplifting personality this didn’t seem as daunting as I first thought. She is now looking into changing my life cover. Her plain speaking pleasant attitude makes you feel at ease and make matters which we do not always like talking about, a simple task.

Pauline Courtney Smith